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We Proudly Support Our Military.  Thank you to past, present & future Service Men & Women for All that you do!


With the rapid changes across the nation due to the coronavirus (COVID‐19), I wanted to update you on the proactive steps we are taking at Pasco Window & Door to continue to serve you, but please know we are taking the following steps:

1.  We ask anyone coming into our store to drop off, pick up or purchase items, please abide by the CDC guidelines and keep a distance of 6 feet away from others.  A facemask or covering is required.

2.  Hand Sanitizer stations are available.  We ask our customers to please use the hand sanitizer upon entry.

3.  Our showroom/office areas are being sanitized hourly throughout the day.  Our employees have been given hand sanitizer & masks and asked to keep their distance from customers.

4.  We have installed a plexi glass shield at our front counter. 

5.  We are not allowing any team members to work if they are not feeling well or have been in contact with anyone not feeling well.  Anyone with symptoms related to the virus must get tested and not return until they get doctors clearance.

6.  We are asking customers that if THEY are not feeling well & we are scheduled to come to their home, please call us to re-schedule.

Thank you for your understanding during this time.

Duke Energy Customers MAY Qualify for a Home Energy Improvement Incentive Rebate. You MUST call Duke Energy to schedule a Home Energy Check PRIOR to Window Installation. 800-943-6917  Please visit your power companies direct website for more details.  Pasco Window & Door does not offer this Incentive, this is directly though your Energy Company.  

Here are some of the requirements in order for Single Family homes to qualify.  

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  • At Pasco Window & Door we do not use any Sales Gimmicks!  We believe in honest pricing! We do not initally infalte the pricing just so we can bring it down and make you feel that you are getting a great deal.  We UNDERSTAND, everyone loves a bargain but we prefer the honest approach & give our best pricing the first time around. we do not offer Buy 2 Get 1 Free or advertise that you will receive a Free Front Entry Door.  These are just sales tactics to get customers to call.  When all is said & done our Estimates (even when customers are offered a Free Window) will be in the same ball park.
  • BE SMART: If you refuse a company's Estimate & then they come back with a lower price, don't think they are giving you a deal. REALIZE they were trying to overcharge you so they could make more money!  Would you now Trust this company?
  • Buyer Beware!!  The Big Box Stores advertise doors & windows in their flyers.  Keep in mind, these flyers are distributed nationwide.  Due to wind zones and hurricanes, Florida has very strict building codes.  Products advertised in these flyers do no meet Florida codes, they do not include hardware, additional measuring fees, the cost of a permit and, of course, it does not include installation fees.

Contact Us - Free Estimates for All New Product Installs, Excludes Service Calls


**To Keep Our Customers Up to Date - Current Window Orders are taking 16 weeks for the manufacturer to fulfill!  PLEASE UNDERSTAND.. We've had an overwhelming amount of requests for repairs and new sale estimates since Covid began.  We never shut down during the virus as we are considered "essential". During this time, more people are home and everyone has had the same idea, "let me get this done while I am home!"  People are not traveling so instead they are choosing to make home improvements.  Please be patient, we are doing our best to get to everyone as soon as possible.  If we failed to return a call, please give us a call again, we never want anyone to feel ignored, we are just extremely busy right now.  

Additionally, we do have some staff members that are high risk & choose not to come to work or are working from home due to the virus.  Some have had children who could have potentially been exposed & therefore, have to quarantine.  This causes our employees to have to miss work to be home with their children.  This reduction of staff has absolutely effected our productivity.  We have been trying very hard to hire qualified installers but it has been difficult when people are getting paid to stay home instead!  We refuse to send unskilled installers to our customers as we take pride in our work and are accountable for their performance. We are all in a situation we’ve never been in before.  We understand our extended wait times & delays for installations causes anger and frustration because everyone would like their job done as soon as possible!  

We have had manufacturers shut down for weeks during the prime of this virus. Our vendors & manufacturers are experiencing delays due to back orders, manufacturers are struggling to even get materials needed & are experiencing shipping delays as well.  They have also had to reduce their staff in order to comply with 6 feet distancing, naturally, this effects production.  If another window company tells you that they can have your windows in 4 weeks, RUN!!  They are NOT being honest!  

The county permit processors are working from home. They were making us do video inspections, which was a complete disaster. They are still working from home so have no supervisor to ask questions to so when they don't know how to process something, they just put it aside!  They have lost permits on us, not updated the system properly, not contacted us when they have needed more information to process a permit (and this list goes on & on).  Our hands are tied on this one!  Absolutely nothing we can do as a permit IS required for our work.  Things like this pull us in a different direction as we have to spend the time trying to get these mistakes corrected.  It has just been a snow ball effect!

Please be understanding as we are working very hard, 6 days a week to try to catch up on our backlog. Your patients is greatly appreciated.    Everyone and every business is trying to adjust to a new way of operating... we'll get there!

We are a long-standing business because of our honesty & work quality.  We are doing our best to keep everyone informed of the obstacles that we have been facing.  Unfortunatly, this unpredicted, nation-wide pandemic has caused obstacles that are out of our control.

Thank you to all of our customers & please know we are doing our best & working very hard to get your orders installed.  Wishing everyone stays healthy and safe.   BE THE GOOD & PLEASE BE KIND…

  • Hurricane Shutters

We happily support the Brian Bill Foundation!

click here to find out more information about their program. 

High-performance, energy-efficient replacement windows Professionally installed eliminate hot spots in your house, reduce outside noise and protect your walls and furniture from fading.
REBATE:  $2 per square foot of window area, up to $400   -    Home must have whole-house electric heating and cooling   -   Only east, west and south-facing window installations qualify. This offer is for single-family homes. 

Must be High-efficiency replacement windows:
Must have a solar heat gain coefficient of less than or equal to 0.25 and a U-factor of less than or equal to 0.35.
Must be installed according to Duke Energy standards by a contractor meeting all Duke Energy requirements.
The house must have whole-house electric heating and cooling.
Incentive form is void six months after install date. For incentive payment, the customer shall have six months from the installation date to submit documentation to Duke Energy.

Click Here  to be directed to a Duke Energy Rebate Form





​​At Pasco Window and Door we've built our livelihoods on installing and repairing thousands of windows and doors.  Residential or Commercial, We have been servicing the community for over 39 years. 

Our time in business proves we are a reputable company you can count on! 

We know it is because of our customer loyalty that we have been able to stay in business for this long..so,

we truly thank you!

ABOUT US:  We are an honest, local, family owned company who takes pride in their work and reputation.  We offer both new installation and repair services. Customers satisfaction is very important to us. We work hard to install your windows properly so that you will absolutely love them and know you've made a smart investment into your home.  Our crews install over 2,000 windows per year!  Are we perfect? No.  Are we human? Yes.  Therefore, when working & transporting fragile prodcuts such as glass, things can break, manufacturers can build things wrong or have delays, our team members can be out sick, have a death in the family, etc.. HOWEVER, we all work very hard in order to have your job go smoothly from start to finish!  We never work without LEGALLY required permits.  Performing installations without a permit means that your work will not be inspected by a county Inspector, verifying that the work has been done properly.  Also, performing work without a permit can result in a fine to the homeowner.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured and do NOT hire subcontractors for our installations.  When a company uses subcontractors, the homeowner is the one responsible to make sure that the "sub" has the proper insurance, not just General Liability but Workman's Comp as well.  Most subs claim "exempt" on their Workman's Comp.  Workman's Comp insurance is very expensive so this allows them to underbid the professionals like us who have ALL of the proper insurance in place. That is a huge liability for the homeowner becasue if that sub, or anyone working for them, gets hurt on your property, guess what?  LAWSUIT!  Also, subs are paid per window/door installation.  That means, the quicker they install the windows or doors, the more money they make, not focusing on the quality of their installation.  SAFETY:  Know that each and every one of our employees coming into your home has been background checked & drug tested, subcontractors are not!

We appreciate our customers & know that it is because of them, we have been serving our community for over 39 years!  No job is too small or too big for our knowledgeable crews.  Thank you for your loyalty!